You can write to Jack at the address below. Please note that Jack travels frequently, and it may take several weeks before he can check the box.

Jack Dann
P.O. Box 101
Foster VIC 3960

If you wish to have bookplates signed, please insure you send them Air Post and include a stamped return envelope, properly addressed back to you with the correct International postage. To send a private e-mail, click this address below. Please send only text messages, as e-mails with attachments are discarded without being read.

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  1. Hi Jack,
    My name is Dan Jones. I am a 78 year old writer and I have just completed a manuscript that I started in 1984. At that time I was deep into during a geneology seach for my ancestors.
    That research effort turned into a novel, titled, “Oh, Mary, Don’t You Weep.” The main character is my great-great-grandfather, Aaron Green, who emerged from slavery in 1865 with his famly intact and 10 years late purchased 80 acres of land in Mississippi. He lived through slavery, the Civil War and Reconstruction. If I had to sum up my keep ancestor, it would be this, He Endured, and he died in 1909.

    If my story resonates I would like to talk with you at some future time.

    1. Hi, Dan,

      Thanks for your note. Your project sounds interesting. (You probably know that I wrote the Civil War novel The Silent.) However, the pressure of deadlines makes it difficult for me to look at unsolicited manuscripts. I do have a very few select clients for whom I act as ‘story doctor’. As a working writer, I have to be very careful with how I allocate my time.

      When I do take on a client, I have to charge a professional rate to
      compensate for loss of writing time and to financially equalize an hour of story doctoring for an hour of writing. Most writers can get their work reviewed at a local writers’ center. I, of course, offer something more, as I have extensive professional experience and a hard-won international reputation as a story doctor.

      I certainly wish you every joy and luck with your project.



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